THIS CATALOGUE IS A REFERENCE GUIDE TO THE ACTIVITY OF THE R-U-IN?S PROJECT in 2009, which was largely on but spawned projects in other arenas. The product it catalogues is, essentially, our exchange of topics, content, memes, and tropes.

These are end-of-cycle image objects undergoing movement in and out of various user architectures, catalogues, brand pools, and other contexts, being recycled and given new conceptual brands and material identities by our imposed topics and memes.

Working as a mix between the outsourced decision of what becomes a meme and the critical and cultural intent of individual artists, the resulting swarm of content is continually evolving as material is re-aggregated, re-authored, and revised.

What emerges as the product of this process are memetic performances that imbue the act of reblogging or tagging with a biological behavior. These memes go through the same periods of construction, attraction, propagation, and decay as any micro empire or organism trying to survive.

The internet speeds this process up to an almost instant fluidity, one that can expand worldwide in a matter of minutes, then evaporate or speciate into oblivion. Will the meme get so big it gets broken up into five new micro memes? Will it enter an aggregation battle with a competing brand and lose to the merger? Will it only live on in its versioned iterations? There is no such thing as failure. Or success.

"I put drop shadow on this, why didn't it get more favs?"

How does a meme colonize as a product, how does it turn into culture or reflect it, and how does it eventually die out? What does this reveal about the global market today, in a world of brand-as-product, product-as-culture, and image-as-object? What happens as culture is aggregated?

"Culture is how a group of people share and modify a specific set of things and eachother."

The faraway logic of TOSHIBA mutates into TTOSHIBAA, the shiny black finish of products from the late capitalist era becomes a meme called BLACK MARKET, THEN BLACK PLANET, THEN TERRA PRETA as it sinks into the past. PHILIPS 2013 takes the ridiculous intentions of the Philips product empire to a new end, DATEISMO lives in a layer of ewaste where everything has deteriorated, especially semiotic order and authority.


CATALOGUE #001 was compiled in early 2010 with material from 2009
Released FEBRUARY 2010

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